Happy Harvesting in Our Communal Gardens | Woodlands Boutique Retirement Village

Spring is a time of growth and renewal and this is becoming very apparent in our vegetable gardens at Woodlands Village. The raised garden beds, with seating provided for perching while you're weeding comfort, are built using non toxic treated timber. The beds are also fully lined and have been pre primed with horse manure, generously applied by one of Woodlands residents Peter, and we are certainly all benefitting from this addition.

The communal vegetable garden shares its space with the Hobby Shed and this zone is currently half finished but already we have seen not only the residents enjoying the garden area but the workmen also found the deck outside the hobby shed a perfect place to enjoy their lunches.

The water fountain is nestled within a large square raised garden bed which is the communal herb garden from which we can all harvest. It will be a bonus, if as is hoped, the tuis deign to use the fountain as a drinking or bathing station as they have been known to do with other water features here.

Woodlands Boutique Retirement Village | Communal Gardens

This area, along with the Waterfall Serenity Garden areas, and our private gardens at Woodlands, will be open for public viewing during the Art & Garden Festival, from 15-18th November 2018, and you are warmly invited to come have a look for yourself then.

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